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Harold and Lois SMIDDY (nee Mixer) of New York City

Posted: 19 Feb 2001 8:07PM  

Harold Smiddy was a neighbor of mine when he and his wife Lois summered in Frankfort, NY.
He was a former VP for General Electric in the 1940s and 1950s.
During the winter and spring, the Smiddy's lived on Sutton Place in NYC.
I am doing research on Mr. Smiddy for an article that I'm writing.
I know that Mrs. Smiddy's maiden name was Lois Mixer, one of the first settlers of Frankfort, NY.
Mr. Smiddy graduated from MIT in the 1920s.

Does anyone know of any living relatives? They never had any children.


In reply - Posted: 10 Apr 2001 4:45PM 

I don't have much on Harold. He wrote several books on economics. After his death his papers were donated to Columbia Univ. I believe. He was not related to the branches of Smiddy from from around Jellico but he did have relatives in Cork Co. Ireland, the same as the rest of us. I believe that Professor Timothy A. Smiddy, ambassador from Ireland, was related to him.
B. Smiddy

Mrs. Harold Smiddy donated over $3 million dollars to construct a building for the business dept. at Ithaca College NY.
Management Guru and founder of MBO (Management by Objectives), Peter Druker worked out the philosophic foundations of MBO with the assistance of Harold Smiddy of the General Electric Company, who was already putting the "managers' letter" concept into  practice in the late 1940s.

MBO as it is understood today was conceptualized by Peter Drucker and first put into practice by Harold Smiddy, a long-time vice president of the General Electric Company and a close personal friend of Drucker. Drucker even claimed that Smiddy was the 'Godfather'of his classic The Practice of Management [1954, p.ix]

Academy of Management Review 1981, Vol 6 No 2 225-230
Management by Objectives: As Developed by Peter Drucker, Assisted by Harold Smiddy.
Ronald G Greenwood
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

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