Saturday, 11 December 2010

Sgt. Louis SMIDDY - Volunteer Soldier in the Cherokee War 1836-1839.

Volunteer Soldiers in the Cherokee War 1836-1839
An alphabetical listing of the volunteer soldiers who served during the various conflicts with Native Americans. The bulk of the soldiers are listed in the Cherokee wars, but others are found in the Black Hawk War, Sabine War in Texas, the Seminole War in Florida. The National Archives listing from which this taken lumped all of the 11,200 soldiers together into one listing.
"Soldiers of the Great War"
Fallen Kentucky Soldiers in WWI
Unknown County
D.W.= Died of Wounds
D.A.= Died of Accident
D.D.= Died of Disease
K.A.= Killed in Action
W.A.= Wounded in Action

Rank Surname Given Name Town County Status Index Page Picture Page
Sgt. SMIDDY Louis, Re----- Unknown County Killed in Action. 403  

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