Saturday, 22 January 2011

John SMIDDY born abt 1836 Ireland, lived in Sacramento, California, United States

Born abt 1836 Ireland
Sacramento, Sacramento, California, United States
married ???

Their children were - 

1. John T. SMIDDY
Born abt 1868
Sacramento, Sacramento, California, United States

Born abt 1870, R.I.P. 1928.
Sacramento, Sacramento, California, United States

3. Ed. Henry SMIDDY
Born abt 1875
Sacramento, Sacramento, California, United States

Elizabeth J. SMIDDY married (?) HANRAHAN
Born abt 1870, R.I.P. 1928.
They had 10 children.


  1. Ann, We are happy to discover my husband's grandmother, Elisabeth Smiddy Hanrahan,as well as the names of her parents and brothers! The information about Elisabeth's family is all new to us as my father-in-law was her last child and only knew her a few years before she died in 1928. Elisabeth had ten children and we are researching all of them in hopes of a family reunion next year with the remainder of Elisabeth' grandchildren who are in California. We are also planning a trip to Ireland in 2013 to trace both the Hanrahans and the Smiddys and greatly appreciate any additional information about Elisabeth's parents and where they originated in Ireland. Thank you for this wonderful link to our family. Mary and Jim Hanrahan

  2. Thanks Mary and Jim,
    I'm delighted that you came across the info. on your grandmother. I am not sure where I found above info. and
    Sorry for the delay in replying to you but I only just came across your comment today.
    Thanks for your contribution.
    Do you mind if I add your updated info. to my blog? Hopefully relatives of Jims might get in touch.

  3. Father: Patrick Henry Hanrahan
    Birth/Chris: ... 1856 at ...
    Death/Burial: at ...

    Mother: Elizabeth Lizzie Smiddy
    Birth/Chris: ... 1870 at ...
    Death/Burial: ... 1930 at ...

    Married: ... at ...


    1. Hanrahan, Child - at ...
    2. Hanrahan, Henry - at ...
    3. Hanrahan, Margurite E Maggie - Birth/Chris: ... 1891 at ...
    4. Hanrahan, Gladys - Birth/Chris: ... 1896 at ...
    5. Hanrahan, Eleanor Clair - Birth/Chris: ... 1901 at ...
    6. Hanrahan, John H - Birth/Chris: ... 1903 at ...
    7. Hanrahan, Zelda Cecelia - Birth/Chris: ... 1905 at ...
    8. Hanrahan, Elmer D - Birth/Chris: ... 1908 at ...
    9. Hanrahan, Dorothy L - at ...
    10. Hanrahan, William Westley - Birth/Chris: ... 1915 at ...