Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Hanora/Norry SMIDDY married James/John Mullerick, Ballymadog, Co.Cork.

Hi Ann,

Researching my own family I've come across 

Hanora/Norry Smiddy m James/John Mullerick

1 William

b. 1836 GodParents Ml Barry & Mary Boozane

2. James

b. 1838 GodParents Thomas Mullerick & Mary Walsh


3. Timothy Mullerick

b. 1839 GodParents Maurice Mullerick & Ellen O Neill

4. Honora

b. 1843 GodParents Daniel McCarthy & Fanny Reamy (?)

5. Michael

b. 1846 GodParents Thos Loghlin & Batt Cashman.

These children were all Christened in Ballymacoda P4991 National Library. 

I don't know if they are part of your family but I thought I'd give them to you none the less.

Regards Úna 


Thanks to Una Niche for the above information, very grateful.

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