Friday, 8 April 2011

William SMIDDY (Victualler), Grand Parade Market, Cork

11 July 1890 – 20 April 1891
Agreement made between Robert White and Jeremiah Francis Leonard, and
William Smiddy (Victualler), Grand Parade Market, Cork. They demise to
Smiddy the Royal Naval Hotel, Castletown Berehaven, for 99 years, subject to
a proviso for redemption. If they should pay Smiddy £2,000 with interest of £5
per cent per annum before the 1st January next, he will surrender the premises
back to them. If not paid, they will pay the interest half yearly on the 1st
January and the 1st July. They will insure the premises for £1,200. If the
interest should be paid on time, Smiddy agrees not to press for the full £2,000
until after five years from the date of this indenture. Includes a schedule of
lands and premises referred to in the document; and an indenture agreed in
1891 that White and Leonard agree to pay any interest due on the security of
£36,000 on the mortgage of £2,000 within 90 days of it being due. Also a
schedule of debts taken out by White and Leonard.

19 Jan. 1893
Release of a mortgage of £2,000 by William SMIDDY (Victualler), Grand
Parade Market, to Jeremiah Francis Leonard, Lee View, Sundays Well, in
consideration of £2,000. Robert White and Leonard took a mortgage of £2,000
out on the 11th July 1891, with Smiddy, on an earlier mortgage of £36,000 in
1870 on lands in the Bantry estate. Includes a schedule of the lands

? William SMIDDY son of Timothy SMIDDY and Mary BOOZANE.
married to Honora O'MAHONY.

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