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Dr. Pauline SMIDDY, Cork, Ireland.

Dr. Pauline Smiddy B.Sc Hons(Anatomy), M.B., B. Ch., BAO, MRCPI, FFRRCSI, FRCR

Dr. Pauline SMIDDY  is a consultant radiologist in the Bon Secours Hospital, Cork and Cork University Hospital. Prior to this she was a Consultant Radiologist in Hammersmith Hospital Breast Screening Unit in London.   
She completed the Specialist Registrar Training Schemes in Body Imaging and Oncology in Hammersmith Hospital, and in Breast Imaging in Charing Cross and West of London Breast Screening Unit.   
She is a member of the Faculty of Radiologists Breast Subgroup (Ireland), the NCSS expert group on Hereditary Breast Cancer, the Royal College of Radiologists Breast Group UK, and the Southern Radiology Society. Her special areas of interest include Breast MRI and Hereditary Breast Cancer.

Pauline is the daughter of  Daniel (Dan) SMIDDY, and Marjorie SCULLY (Garrymore, Killeagh, Co.Cork).

Jessica Everett SMIDDY and her husband Kevin McKENNA.

Jessica Everett SMIDDY and her husband Kevin are the proud parents
of their second child,
Reagan McKenna, born November 14, 2005.
Older brother Blake is 8.
The family lives in North Dallas.

Jessica Everett SMIDDY married Kevin McvKENNA (North Dallas).
Their children are -

Very Reverend Monsignor Thomas W. SMIDDY.

William SMIDDY, (50. Thomas 6, 17. William 5, 10.Thomas 4, 5.Timothy 3, 2. Thomas 2, 1. John 1) b. 1868, Garrymore. Went to America. (2nd cousin of my Grand Father William SMIDDY).

He married Mary ?(Annie) ELLARD, c 1905, b. c 1875, Buttevant. Mary : Buttevant. Died in the U.S.A.


     228. i. Very Reverend Monsignor Thomas W. SMIDDY, b. 1912, occupation Catholic Priest, d. 1967. Lived in New York.
He was born in 1904. Ordained in 1929. Died in 1965. He is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery , Brooklyn, New York as told by Anne DEELEY.

He had three sisters -
Marguerite (Briggs)
Catherine (Hennessy)
Frances (Healy) deceased at the time of his death.

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SMIDDY's - Griffiths Valuation of Ireland - Kilmacdonogh, County Cork.

Smiddy         Alice              Ballydaniel     Kilmacdonogh     Cork
Smiddy         Elizabeth          Ring            Kilmacdonogh     Cork
Smiddy         Ellen              Monagoul        Kilmacdonogh     Cork
Smiddy         Mary               Ballydaniel     Kilmacdonogh     Cork
Smiddy         Mary               Ballymacoda     Kilmacdonogh     Cork
Smiddy         Maurice            Ballymacoda     Kilmacdonogh     Cork
Smiddy         Michael            Shanakill       Kilmacdonogh     Cork
Smiddy         Patrick            Aghavine        Kilmacdonogh     Cork
Smiddy         Timothy            Ballymacoda     Kilmacdonogh     Cork
Smiddy         William            Curraghleagh    Kilmacdonogh     Cork

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Richard SMIDDY and Hannah SMIDDY (nee ?) , buried St. Patrick's Cemetery in N. GARRYOWEN, BUTLER TWP., JACKSON CO, IOWA

St. Patrick's Cemetery is in N. Garryowen
 and St. Aloysious is in S. Garryowen
Richard SMIDDY died 10 Jan 1889, aged 75 Years, 
DOB 1813/1814 approx. 
His wife Hannah SMIDDY (nee ?) died 12 Jan 1866, aged 30 Years, 
DOB 1835/1836 approx.

Maurice SMIDDY married Julia ?, they had two kids Nellie and Sabina, both born in the 1880s in Wales.


My great great grandfather was Maurice SMIDDY.
He was married to a Julia and they had two kids Nellie and Sabina, both born in the 1880s in Wales.

Have you come across any of these names??


Debbie Martin

E-mail received from Debbie on 14-04-09.

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Search the The Mormon Church (LDS or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) huge genealogy record collection free

The Mormon Church (LDS or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) is well known for their collection of genealogy records.  

Search the Mormon Church's huge genealogy record collection free by clicking on the link below -

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The Irish SMIDDY Family Tree has Moved

The Irish SMIDDY Family Tree has Moved

I have moved My Irish SMIDDY Family Tree to a secure site,
as some members of my family tree are still alive and I respect their right for privacy.

This secure site is open to invited readers only.

  • If you've received an invitation please click here to access the site.  
  • If you would like an invitation to view the new site please contact me via the contact me link.


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John Patrick SMIDDY b 1889 Omaha, NE married Mrs Kathleen Margaret (nee DYER/DWYER) born 1898-02-22 at Cardiff, Wales.

Mrs Kathleen Margaret SMIDDY (nee DYER/DWYER) born 1898-02-22 at Cardiff, Wales; age is 21 on 1919-07-01; 

Spouse is John Patrick SMIDDY b 1889 Omaha, NE , US Navy, married on 1919-06-04 at Cardiff, Wales; … residence will be Omaha, Nebraska; father William Dyer b Warminster, England; mother Bridget DYER b Cork.

Irish Gleanings to connect people to townlands in Ireland‎ 
1.0 Extracts from passport applications

Extracts from two collections of paper Passport Applications (1907-1921) that are at the US National Archives.  I have observed that these documents are not yet on Ancestry.  About 525 items from the "Emergency Passport Application" filed through the US Embassy in London, England.  About 100 items from the "Application by the Wife of a Member of the Naval or Military Forces of the US for a Certificate to Depart for the US."

If you find any names that connect with your research please send an email to -

William SMIDDY (Victualler), Grand Parade Market, Cork

11 July 1890 – 20 April 1891
Agreement made between Robert White and Jeremiah Francis Leonard, and
William Smiddy (Victualler), Grand Parade Market, Cork. They demise to
Smiddy the Royal Naval Hotel, Castletown Berehaven, for 99 years, subject to
a proviso for redemption. If they should pay Smiddy £2,000 with interest of £5
per cent per annum before the 1st January next, he will surrender the premises
back to them. If not paid, they will pay the interest half yearly on the 1st
January and the 1st July. They will insure the premises for £1,200. If the
interest should be paid on time, Smiddy agrees not to press for the full £2,000
until after five years from the date of this indenture. Includes a schedule of
lands and premises referred to in the document; and an indenture agreed in
1891 that White and Leonard agree to pay any interest due on the security of
£36,000 on the mortgage of £2,000 within 90 days of it being due. Also a
schedule of debts taken out by White and Leonard.

19 Jan. 1893
Release of a mortgage of £2,000 by William SMIDDY (Victualler), Grand
Parade Market, to Jeremiah Francis Leonard, Lee View, Sundays Well, in
consideration of £2,000. Robert White and Leonard took a mortgage of £2,000
out on the 11th July 1891, with Smiddy, on an earlier mortgage of £36,000 in
1870 on lands in the Bantry estate. Includes a schedule of the lands

? William SMIDDY son of Timothy SMIDDY and Mary BOOZANE.
married to Honora O'MAHONY.

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John SMIDDY (b. abt 1829 Ireland, d. August 1859) married Mary Ellen BOWE (b England,d 1885).

John SMIDDY (b. abt 1829 Ireland, d. August 1859) married Mary Ellen BOWE (b England,d 1885).
His father may have been Richard SMIDDY and John's brother was Dave SMIDDY.

Their daughter Ellen (Mary Ellen) Smiddy b 1857 Tipperary Co, IR, d 1903 SD
Married Peter STEINFELDT 1877 PA.

other children:
Dave Smiddy b bef 1860
John Smiddy b aft 1860

John SMIDDY b. abt 1829 Ireland, d. August 1859 New Castle, PA in mining accident.
Family story says he was chosen at age 16-17 to be one of "Queen Victoria's guards" & served 11 years before deserting by stowing away on  ship to US.  

He may be John SMEDLY who arrived in Philadelphia 1856.

Looking for his parents, siblings & other Smiddy info.
Patti Waitman-Ingebretsen

Hi Ann,
I have not done much on our Smiddy line and have family stories that don't quite seem right. What a surprise!

The story goes that John SMIDDY was very tall and was picked to be one of Queen Victoria's guards when he was 16 yr old.  He hated it and after 11 yrs, he supposedly stowed away on a ship for America.  He left a wife (Mary Ellen Bowe/Beau) & children.  About 1 yr later the wife and children followed.  John SMIDDY worked in the coal mines and was killed in an accident about 1860.

Does any of this story seem plausible? 
I did find a variety of John SMIDDY's listed as arriving by ship from England & their ages vary.

Family notes say John's father may have been Richard SMIDDY and John's brother was Dave SMIDDY.

All help very much appreciated.
Patti Waitman-Ingebretsen

Is SMIDDY a common Irish name?

*John Smiddy b 1832 IR, d abt 1861 in mining accident in PA. Wife Mary Ellen BOWE b England,d 1885.

Their daughter Ellen (Mary Ellen) Smiddy b 1857 Tipperary Co, IR, d 1903 SD
Married Peter STEINFELDT 1877 PA.

*John Smiddy was supposed to have been one of Queen Victoria's guards for 11 yr- stowed away on a ship to US. His wife and children came a year later.

other children:
Dave Smiddy b bef 1860
John Smiddy b aft 1860

Does anyone connect to this Smiddy family?
Patti Waitman-Ingebretsen

How do I find out if there are others working on this same line?

John SMIDDY b abt 1830 Ireland, d 1859 Newcastle, PA

m. 1851 Middlesex, England

wife Ellen BEAU/BOW  b abt 1830 England,
                                  d aft 1880 Cinncinatti, OH
Ellen b 1857 England
John b 1859 PA

Patti Waitman

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SMIDDYs' in the United States of America Census: 1790 - 1930.

1790 – First US Census

  1820 – first census with Smiddy. 3 of them (doesn’t list place of birth).
            Maryland                    John
            North Carolina           Charlotte
            Tennessee                   Robert

  1830, 1840, 1850 – not available

  1860 – Lists 14 Smiddys.
Alabama (1)                 Jesse                USA
            California (1)                John                 Ireland
            Connecticut (1)             Dennis             Ireland
            Kentucky (4)               Jacob               USA
                                                 Leonard          USA
                                                       Ruebin              USA
                                                       Robert              USA
            Massachusetts (1)             William             Ireland
            Missouri (1)                 John                
            Pennsylvania (1)             Ellen                 England
            Tennessee (4)             Calvin               USA
                                                         James               USA
                                                         P                      USA
                                                         Tim                  USA

1870 – Lists 25 Smiddys.
Illinois (5)                    James               USA
                                                Ray                  USA
                                                   William             USA
                                                   Mary                Ireland
                                                   Pierce               Ireland
            Indiana (3)                    Robert              USA
                                                    Thomas            USA
                                                    Thomas            USA
            Massachusetts (1)             Richard            Ireland
            Missouri (3)                 AJ                    USA
                                                      David               USA
                                                      Bart                  Ireland
            New York (4)                       Catherine         USA
                                                        William            USA
                                                Thomas            Ireland
                                                Thomas            Ireland
            Tennessee (7)             Easter               USA
                                                Hanah              USA
                                                James               USA
                                                James               USA
                                                Patsy                USA
                                                Susan               USA
                                                William             USA
            Texas (1)                    Green               USA
            Vermont (1)                Patrick             Ireland

  1880 and 1890 not available (1890 lost in a fire in 1920)

1900 – Lists 82 Smiddys
Arkansas (2)               Joseph             USA
                                                William             USA
            California (2)                Annie               Ireland 
                                                Ellen                 Ireland
Connecticut (6)            Chas                Ireland
James                        USA           
John                        Ireland
Nellie                        Ireland
Thomas            Ireland
William            USA
Illinois            (15)                  Andrew J       USA
Calvin                        USA
Charles            USA
Ella                        USA
Green                        USA
James E            USA
John                        USA           
John D                        USA
Mary E            USA
Right                        USA
Walter S            USA
William            USA
William            USA
William R            USA
William R            USA
Iowa (2)                    Geo W             USA
William H            USA
Kentucky (2)               Calvin               USA
William            USA
Massachusetts (7)        Jeremiah            Ireland
John                 Ireland
                                                Mary                Ireland
                                                Mary                USA
                                                Thomas            USA
                                                William            USA
                                                William H         USA
            Missouri (4)                 Edward            USA
                                                Frank B          USA
                                                James R          USA
                                                Robert              USA
            Nebraska (4)               John                 USA
                                                Mary                USA
                                                Micheal            USA
                                                Thomas            USA
            New Hampshire (1)            Jackson          USA
            New Jersey (2)            Johanna          Ireland
                                                Mary                Ireland
            New York (3)              Ellen                 Ireland
                                                Michael            USA
                                                Thomas            USA
            Oregon (1)                    William            USA
            Tennessee (25)            Alfred L          USA
                                                Ben                  USA
                                                Calvin               USA
                                                Caswell            USA
                                                Charley            USA
                                                Edward            USA
                                                Esther               USA
                                                Frank               USA
                                                Frank J             USA
                                                Hannah            USA
                                                Henry               USA
                                                James               USA
                                                James F          USA
                                                Joe                   USA
                                                John                 USA
                                                John S              USA
                                                Laura               USA
                                                Lewis               USA
                                                Mark                USA
                                                Mary E            USA
                                                Nancy              USA
                                                Pierce               Ireland
                                                Richard            USA
                                                Rube                USA
                                                William            USA
            Texas (5)                    Andrew J       USA
                                                Green               USA
                                                John                 USA
                                                Samuel C         USA
                                                Thomas J           USA
            Vermont (1)                Mary                Ireland

  1910 – Lists 81 Smiddys          
Alabama (1)                 Angy                USA
            Arkansas (1)               Jennie               USA
            California (6)                Dennis              Ireland
                                                Effie                 USA
                                                George W        USA
                                                Lillie                 USA
                                                Lillie                 USA
                                                Timothy M      USA
            Connecticut (4)            Isabella            USA
                                                James               USA
                                                Thomas            Ireland
                                                William            USA
            Illinois (16)                  Calvin               USA
                                                Chas                USA
                                                Edward J           USA
                                                Elija H              USA
                                                Ellen                 USA
                                                Flossie I           USA
                                                George             USA               
                                                Helen               USA
                                                Jackson W      USA
                                                John D             USA
                                                Nimmo            USA
                                                Richard P          USA
                                                Right                USA
                                                Walter S          USA
                                                William            USA
                                                William            USA
            Iowa (1)                    Mary I              USA
            Kentucky (3)               Cora B             USA
                                                George             USA
                                                John                 USA
            Massachusetts (12)            Helen               USA
                                                James H         USA
                                                Jeremiah          Ireland
                                                John E              Ireland
                                                John E              Ireland
                                                John J               USA
                                                Margaret         Ireland
                                                Mary M         USA
                                                Thomas            USA
                                                William A         USA
                                                William F          USA
                                                William H         USA
            Missouri (4)                 Anna                USA
                                                Jarry G             USA
                                                Mary                USA
                                                Squire B          USA
            New York (5)                       Catherine         USA
                                                Michael            Ireland
                                                Thomas            Ireland
                                                Thomas            USA
                                                William             Ireland
            Ohio (1)                    Miller               USA
            Oklahoma (1)              Samul E          USA
            Oregon (1)                    William            USA
            Pennsylvania (1)            Melie                Australia
            Tennessee (15)            Cal                   USA
                                                Caswell            USA
                                                Frank J             USA
                                                Fred                 USA
                                                Helena              Ireland
                                                Hester              USA
                                                James               USA
                                                John                 USA
                                                John                 USA
                                                Joseph              USA
                                                Lewis               USA
                                                Richard            USA
                                                Rube                USA
                                                William            USA
                                                William R          USA
            Texas            (6)                    Andrew J       USA
                                                G W                 USA
                                                James               USA
                                                Joe A               USA
                                                John W            USA
                                                Thomas J           USA
            Vermont (1)                William E          USA

1920 – Lists 115 Smiddys   
Arkansas (1)               Jemie                USA
            California (2)                George W        USA
                                                Mike J              USA
            Connecticut (4)            John                 USA
                                                Mary J             USA
                                                Thomas            Ireland
                                                William             USA
            Florida (2)                    James               USA
                                                Joseph S          USA                                                   
            Hawaii            (1)                    Jerome J           USA
            Illinois (13)                  Bessie              USA
                                                Calvin               USA
                                                Charles            USA
                                                Irvin                 USA
                                                Ivo                   USA
                                                James E          USA
                                                John                 USA
                                                Niemus            USA
                                                Raymond        USA
                                                Walter S          USA
                                                William            USA
                                                WM                 USA
                                                Wright R          USA
            Indiana (1)                    H F                  USA
            Iowa (2)                    Charly H         USA
                                                Elijah                USA
            Kentucky (6)               Charles            USA
                                                Frances F          USA
                                                George             USA
                                                George             USA
                                                Jesse C                        USA
                                                William            USA
            Louisiana (1)               Vincent M         Ireland
            Massachusetts (24)            Daniel               Ireland
                                                Harold F          USA
                                                James               Ireland
                                                James H         USA
                                                John A             Ireland
                                                John E              Ireland
                                                John J               USA
                                                John R              Ireland
                                                Katharine         Ireland
                                                Mary A            USA
                                                Maurice          Ireland
                                                Micheal J           USA
                                                Michel              Ireland
                                                Nellie               USA
                                                Thomas            USA
                                                Thomas M         Ireland
                                                Timothy          Ireland
                                                Timothy          USA
                                                Virginia            Canada
                                                William            USA
                                                William            USA
                                                William A         USA
                                                William F          USA
                                                WM H             USA
            U.S. Navy (1)                      Harold              USA
             Missouri (7)                  Benjaman W    USA
                                                Delmar J           USA
                                                Esther               USA
                                                Frank B          USA
                                                George B          USA
                                                Gladys M         USA
                                                Tessie               USA
            Nebraska (1)               John P              USA
            New Jersey (1)            Thomas            Ireland
            New York (6)                       Annie               Ireland
                                                Florence          USA
                                                Geneviene       USA

James             Ireland *** James Smiddy and his family lived with my grandparents in Brooklyn, NY. My grandfather, Richard Woods was from Killeagh and would be a second (or third) cousin to James.

                                                Thomas            Ireland
                                                Thomas             USA
            Ohio (1)                    Walter              USA
            Oklahoma (2)              Glada               USA
                                                Sam G              USA
            Oregon (1)                    William            USA
            Pennsylvania (1)            Daniel               USA
            Tennessee (24)            Arline B          USA
                                                Cecil                USA
                                                Ester E             USA
                                                Ester E             USA
                                                Eugene             USA
                                                Everett             USA
                                                Frank               USA
                                                Fred                 USA
                                                H T                  USA
                                                Hubert              USA
                                                James M         USA
                                                James S          USA
                                                John                 USA
                                                Louis                USA
                                                Lucinda            USA
                                                Mark                USA
                                                Mary H            USA
                                                N J                   USA
                                                Reuben            USA
                                                Rubin               USA
                                                Sampson D     USA
                                                William R          USA
            Texas (6)                    Andy J             USA
                                                Claud R          USA
                                                George             USA
                                                Joe A               USA
                                                John W            USA
                                                Thomas J           USA
            Vermont (2)                John E              USA
                                                William E          USA
            Virginia (3)                    Evert E            USA
                                                John                 USA
                                                Richard            USA
            Washington (1)            Dennis              Ireland
            Wyoming (1)               Leo                  USA

  1930 -  N/A

Thanks to Kevin Hunt for the above information.

Aine, A Chara,
 I see all is going well with your web site. I noticed you had some information from the US census of 1920. I was also looking through the census records and found a few interesting things.
 The first US census was in 1790 and the first census with Smiddys in it was the 1820 census. 
Unfortunately, I didn’t have access to all of the censuses, the 1830, 1840, 1850 and 1880 censuses were not available of the web site. The 1890 census was destroyed in a fire in the 1920’s.
 On a personal note, I found that there was a James Smiddy (and his family) living with my grandparents in Brooklyn, NY in 1920. 
James Smiddy must have been a 3rd or so cousin to my grandfather (Smiddy of Ballymakeigh mor on his mother’s side). 
Don’t know who he was but his wife and kids were born in the USA.
 I am attaching the list I have of Smiddys from the censuses for you to peruse.