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"Know from whence you came. If you know from whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go" James Baldwin

Interesting facts on the changing of the Smiddy name to Smiddie.
Re: Smiddie Surname

Author: Terrissa Currier Date: 11th July 2002 10.43 Surnames: Smiddie/Smiddy Classification:Query

Hi, all. This is my first time to this site. I noticed this thread...I may have some additional insight on the Smiddie v. Smiddy spelling question. Obtained from oral histories and family stories contributed to by many family elders gathered on my Great Aunt Bertha's front porch, in Cumberland, KY, on a summer evening circa 1969, the explanation that a Margaret Toms (relationship unknown), a school teacher of some influence over the family led some to believe that the "correct" spelling (no other explanation given) should be Smiddie. And, a whole group of the family then adopted the new spelling, leaving some to maintain the original spelling of Smiddy. Based on the location of this information in my records, I think I can provide additional verification for the timing of this around the Samson (some spellings show Sampson) - Katherine Perkins (a.k.a. Lucille Katherine Brooks) union. I hope this helps.

Further clarification...Margaret Toms who was the school teacher and introduced idea of "correct" smiddy spelling being with "ie" was the wife of Roe Smiddy (Monroe), or daughter-in-law to Samson and Katherine (Perkins/Brooks) Smiddie. I hope this helps.

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I don't want to waste your time, but I am interested in your name of SCHMIDTY! I've always known that our last name - SMIDDY - had an original spelling that was different then Smiddy & more like SCHMIDTY, according to my father, so I have just began to investigate this spelling. Any information would be welcome. I wish you success in your search for the surname of Slenderson & will watch for it. thank you,
Ann Smiddy Parker 22 Apr 2002


Our name 'SMIDDY' appears to have been formed from SCHMID, and to be of German extraction. In Irish they call it SCHMID. (The diary of Rev. Richard Cannon Smiddy - (October the 6th 1840) > > I am researching the Smiddy surname and came across the above which was included in the diary of Rev. Richard Cannon SMIDDY 1840. > Has anyone heard of a connection between SMIDDY and SCHMID?

In reply to above - SCHMID is actually a German name. It means "SMITH" and is as popular there as the name Smith, Jones or Wilson is here in the US. It would not at all be unusual for that German name to migrate to the countries of the UK since many Schmids leaving Germany stopped off there for varying lengths of time. I know my family did, I just haven't been able to figure out where yet. As far is as your name be a variation of Schmid, it certainly would not seem out of the question that a nickname was created and stuck. I have had all kinds of "adjustments" made to the pronunciation of my name. Some are much further off than SMIDDY! :) Karen SCHMID 06-01-2006

Sorry , I have never heard the name " SMIDDY " and not used in my family ----They were " SMIDT'S " when they first came from Germany , then it changed to "SCHMIDT " and then to " SMITH " All in the course of about 30 years or less ...........Between the 1830`s and before 1860 ...

Thank you ---- Leslie 07-01-2006


Hello Ann,

My name is Kevin Hunt. I live in Northborough, Massachusetts. I have Smiddys
in my ancestry from Killeagh and before that Youghal.

Pierse Smiddy from Kyle (Clonpriest). Father of:

Richard Smiddy from Ballyverigan (Youghal). Father of:

Pierse Smiddy from Bansig (Youghal). Father of:

Richard, Timothy, and Hanora married John Bride (1748-1832) (died 03/01/1810 aged 50yrs.

Richard Smiddy moved to Ballyhonock married Mary Bride (1750 – 1816).
Father of:

Pierse, and Richard (of Ballynatting) (born 1781) (born 1799 died 1832)
– married Mary Mahony

Pierse Smiddy from Ballyhonock married Honora Kennedy from Knockane and
moved to Ballymackeigh. Father of:

Richard, John, Pierse, Michael, Lawrence, and Mary

John Ahern from Ballydonagh in Dungourney married (02/16/1854) Mary Smiddy
from Ballymakeigh in Killeagh. After this my ancestry is Ahern.

Honora Smiddy was the primary leasor of Ballymakeigh through most of the 19th century. It went from her to Mary Smiddy to John Ahearn to Maurice Ahearn to Robert Ahearn and then out of the family.

Ballymakeighmore is still around. It is currently being run as a bed and breakfast by a Mrs. Margaret Browne.

In the 1766 census of Youghal there are 2 entries for Richard and Pierce
Smyesty. I gotta believe that they are Richard and Pierse Smiddy.

The information listed here was written down by Fr. Richard Smiddy (son of
Pierse Smiddy and Honora Kennedy) after speaking with his great Uncle,
Timothy Smiddy.

If there is anything you can add or clarify, that would be greatly




Also, one more item about Father Richard Smiddy. He wrote the following book.

'An Essay on The Druids, The Ancient Churches, and the Round Towers of Ireland'. It was published in 1871 by W.B. Kelly, 8 Grafton Street, Dublin and Simpkin, Marshall & Co., London

Take Care, Kevin.
There were (are?) Smiddys in Killeagh, County Cork. They are most associated with the Townland of Ballymakeighmore.

There were a number of Smiddy/Ahearn marriages in this area (my great-great grandparents were one, John Ahearn and Mary Smiddy.)

Honora Smiddy was the primary leasor of Ballymakeigh through most of the 19th century. It went from her to Mary Smiddy to John Ahearn to Maurice Ahearn to Robert Ahearn and then out of the family.

Ballymakeighmore is still around. It is currently being run as a bed and breakfast by a Ms. Browne.

Regards, Kevin 15 Jan 2002

Professor Timothy A. SMIDDY, of Cork.

Co. Kildare.

31st October, 2006

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a research student attached to the National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

I am currently in the second year of a two year research of literature masters.

My research concentrates on a Professor Timothy A. SMIDDY, of Cork.

Timothy witnessed and was involved in some of the most important issues of Irish history, with regard to the founding of the State.

So far I have discovered that he was the first Professor of Economics at UCC, Economic Advisor to Michael Collins during the Treaty negotiations. Irelands first Diplomatic representative to the USA, High Commissioner in London, Economic Advisor to De Valera, while he also served on a number of Economic Boards and Commissions. With such a C.V. it is astonishing that little or no research has been carried out on him to date. He passed away in Dublin in 1962

My research has been going on for the past twelve months. I have discovered some interesting and varied information on his work, mostly in the National Archives in Dublin.

At present I am lacking family and personal information. I was wondering if you were any relation to Timothy, and if so, if you may have any information on him.

I am looking for such details as family background etc., photos, memories, diaries; in fact anything at all would be most helpful.

Timothy, has thus far been omitted from Irish history and it is this that I am trying to rectify.

I would be most grateful for any information at all.

Any information or materials supplied would be treated in confidence and with the utmost respect.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

Yours Faithfully, Paul Gaffey

Smiddy's life and times

Madam, - I am a history research student attached to NUI, Maynooth. I am currently researching the life and times of Prof T.A. Smiddy, who was UCC's first professor of economics, adviser to Michael Collins during the Treaty negotiations, and Ireland's first officially recognized diplomat to the United States.

Prof Smiddy also held many other positions up the late 1950s. These these included chairman of the tariff commission, director of the Central Bank and chairman of the Summer Time Committee. He was also a director of Arklow Pottery.

I would be extremely interested in hearing information from people who have information on Smiddy, or who had a first-hand acquaintance with him. - Yours, etc,

PAUL GAFFEY, Department of History, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Co Kildare.

Timothy O'MAHONY and Eileen SMIDDY

James & Margaret O’ Mahony, Glandore, including son Timothy [1905-1976] who married Eileen Smiddy

John E. SMIDDY and Mary COTTER

I am looking for information on my Great Grandfather and his family that came to Boston, Massachusetts around 1889. My Great Grandparents were John E. Smiddy born about February 1852 and Mary Cotter born about December 1860 They were married in Ireland about 1879 and had several children before coming to the USA, Thomas about 1881, Margaret about 1884, John Edward about 1886 and Joseph about 1889. Any help would Wonderful!

John Graham 8 Mar 2003


John TURNER and Ellen SMIDDY

In 1882 my grandmother immigrated from Ireland to the United States and settled in Boston, Massachusetts.

She was a kind and loving person who raised 10 children, two of whom died at a young age. She was born in the town of Ballynascurlog, Conna parish, County Cork which is now called (Newtown) in 1868. Her father was John Turner and mother Ellen Smiddy both of whom were born, raised and died in Co. Cork. In 1904 she returned to the town of Ballynoe, Co. Cork where she lived until she immigrated, taking my mother and her siblings for a visit with their grandparents. This was her final trip back to the old country. She died in Boston, Massachusetts in 1962 at the age of 94 years.

Patrick SMIDDY and Mary BROWN

Hello. I was doing a search for my grandmothers family name and happened onto a site that low and behold contained my family history! I was very excited and can fill in some of the blanks but found there was no way to contact "Hugh Cathal Smiddy". I searched feverishly on the web and finally found you. I'm not sure if you are related to Hugh but I have included this web address for you to take a peek at.

My grandmother is Margaret Smiddy line item 98. My mother has my great grandparents marriage certificate from 1888, Patrick Smiddy to Mary Brown. I will wait to hear from you before I give you more details.

Anxiously awaiting your reply......

Kathleen Margaret (Smiddy)-Radtke Fitzpatrick

Radtke is my maiden name.



Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Administrative Assistant Land Development


Harold and Lois SMIDDY of NYC

I don't have much on Harold. He wrote several books on economics. After his death his papers were donated to Columbia Univ. I believe. He was not related to the branches of Smiddy from from around Jellico but he did have relatives in Cork Co. Ireland, the same as the rest of us. I believe that Timothy Smiddy, ambassador from Ireland, was related to him.

BETTY SMIDDY 10 Apr 2001

Mary "Mollie" E. BRADY married John William SMIDDY
I am looking for any information about Charlotte Barclay, married to Jack Brady, parents of Mary E Brady.

She married John William Smiddy. Mary was born June 1873, TEXAS.


Mary "Mollie" E Brady
She was my grandmother. Married John William Smiddy.
She was born in TX. unknown date. Parents of Jack Brady and Charlotte Barclay. If Anyone knows anything please E-Mail me as
I know nothing about my fathers side and know that I live in TX. I want to find out all I can. If anyone can help, I would really be grateful. Carole Smiddy (Reed).

I am looking for any information about my grandmother and her side of the family. Mary was born in June 1873 and married John William Smiddy in TX. She died in 1959 Sept in TX.


Hi, I was just wanted to see if any one has any info regarding the Smiddy surname in Ireland? We believe that Our ancestor's were from Scotland and then lived in Ireland as well, before coming to the "New World circa 1700's. Jesse Smiddy is the first known Smiddy in Virginia in the mid 1700's
Reuben, William, David are all family first names.
Thanks to anyone who can help

Jodie Batten 23 May 2001

Hi Ann,

Do you have any connections to my Rueben Smiddy? Or any of the Terry's? I haven't been able to find either line past Virginia in the 1700"s, but know they had to come from your direction.

If you would like to add my tree to your website, that would be fine with me. Perhaps it would lead to further information for all of us who are tracing our family genealogies.

My husband lived in Ireland for two years (1971-1973)as a missionary for the church we belong to. He fell in love with Ireland and the Irish people. He would love to come back some day for a visit. Turns out his family is very Irish on his father's side- I think it would be nice to be able to claim that too.

I wonder if you could give me some advice on doing Irish research. I know his ggrgrgrandfather was born in Crawford, County Antrim, Ireland in 1833. Any idea how I might find a birth record and census record for that time period.

Greatly appreciate your help. Sincerely, Carmen Hinds

Elizabeth SMIDDY - ROCHE
I am looking for anyone who was related to my late Grandmother. Elizabeth Smiddy was her name before she married, she then took the surname, Roche.
She had 12 children (1 being my father) and I would love to get in contact with anyone who is related to me on her side.

I have met her two sisters. Eily and Josie and know Josies family very well but I am afraid I have never met any of Eilys.

If there is anyone out there that thinks this story is familiar, please get in contact with me.

Yvonne Roche 14 Mar 2005


County Cork, Ireland.

I am searching for more information about my grandmother, born Johanna SMIDDY ca 1840 in the East Cork area and later married Timothy COSTINE and emigrated to Massachusetts ca 1900. Her mother's family were named SHAE or SHAY, and she was brought up by her aunt, Eileen SHAE. That is all I know so far about Joanna's origins, but would appreciate any information available out there. Thanks very much. A. Jaye Costine, Cambridge,MA - USA

Posted by A. Jaye Costine on Wed, 24 Jan 2001

Johanna SMIDDY m Timothy COSTINE


Dublin 2

Dear Sister Baptista,

As I said my aunt by marriage was related to the Smiddy's in Youghal. Her Mum was a Smiddy married to Jack Brown Youghal.

With Gratiutude, Patrick Hume.


Portmarnock, Co.Dublin, 22-10-1996

Dear Smiddy Brothers,

I wish to thank you for your hospitality to us when we called on you during the summer. I left you particulars of my grandfather William Hyde and his wife Elizabeth Smiddy.

Michael Hyde.

Hi! Is this Newtown, co. Cork? I am an American trying to track down my ancestors who I believe were natives to your town.

Patrick, John and Jeremiah SMIDDY emigrated to North America sometime during the 1830s. Patrick and John settled in New York along the Canadian border and Jeremiah was listed as missing in Springfield, Massachusetts never to be heard from again. If anyone has a suggestion as to where I can go to further track down these men I would be greatly appreciative!:cool:
Alicia Smiddy

My Smiddy ancestor's emigrated to northern NY around 1830s from Newtown, co. Cork. Is there any site that can give me more info on the Smiddy name or access to birth/marriage/death records in Newtown? Thank you. Alicia 18 Aug 2003

8 July 1848
Of Jeremiah Smiddy, native of Newtown, co.' Cork, and has been in this country several years. It having been reported that he died in Springfield last winter, his brother, John Smiddy, who lives in Bombay, Franklin County, N. Y, near the lines of Lower Canada, came to Springfield in order to ascertain the particulars of his death, but can get no tidings of him dead or alive, and returns home without obtaining any knowledge of him.
If this should meet the eye of any person or persons who know anything of Jeremiah Smiddy, they are requested to write a letter to John Smiddy, Fort Covington, Franklin Co, N. Y.

Hi Ann, My maiden name is Smiddy my ggggrandfather was Patrick Smiddy b.1808 Ire. he had brothers John b. 1800 Jeremiah don't know anything about him and David I am not sure if he was a brother or their father. Johns wife's name was Mary b. 1804 Ire. Patrick's wife's name was Mary Vail b. 1810 Ire. David's wife's name was Elizabeth I have found her burial and the stone states that she was a native of Co. Cork Parish Newtown Ireland . The earliest census that I can find them on is 1840 in northern New York they state that some relatives (Aunt and Uncles) came with them I do have that info if it would help . I am somewhat new at this I ran across your site awhile ago but saw no connections but the more I research the more I think that I am missing something , with the Irish naming procedure I feel that there must be one. I am coming up empty every other way I don't know where to go from here any guidance would be appreciated. Do you think it possible that they are sons of someone on your list that are missing?

heidi jo 28-06-08

Is Smiddy a common Irish name?

Ellen (Mary Ellen) Smiddy b 1857 Tipperary Co, IR, d 1903 SD
married Peter Steinfeldt 1877 PA

She was daughter of *John Smiddy b 1832 IR, d abt 1861 in mining accident in PA. Wife Mary Ellen Bowe b England,d 1885.

*John Smiddy was supposed to have been one of Queen Victoria's guards for 11 yr- stowed away on a ship to US. His wife and children came a year later.
other children:
Dave Smiddy b bef 1860
John Smiddy b aft 1860

Does anyone connect to this Smiddy family?

Patti Waitman-Ingebretsen

Click on for more info.

I'm trying to find a lead to the Smiddy family prior to the mid 1800's. They seemed to have just dropped into Tennessee from nowhere!
I know there are many spellings to the Smiddy name, so any clues are welcome.

Ann Smiddy parker -

Ann, I do not know what line of the Smiddy's you are searching, but I have some names and birth's of my g.grandfather, Samuel Edgar Smiddy's family. Samuel was born July 4, 1874 and married Herni or Henry Elizabeth Bell on 9-19-1897 in Hopkins, Tx. His father was Green S. Smiddy born 8-31-1846 and died 12-7-1905 (not sure where). Green married Elizabeth Jane Moreland born 12-16-1843 Died 10-11-1899 (do not know where). Green's father was Andrew Jackson Smiddy born 1815 in Tn. He married Polly Morrow born 1823. Andrew's father was Wm. Smiddy born abt 1780 and married to Sarah Good. This is as far back as I have on my side of the Smiddy family. Ann, I also noticed that your last name is "Parker". Parker is my maiden name. My grandmother was Eva Pearl Smiddy, dtr. of Samuel Edgar Smiddy. She married Henry Alvin Parker and my father is Alvin Edward Parker. My family mainly lives in Oklahoma and Texas now. Hope this helps you. Let me hear back from you.

Debra (Parker) Boring -

Hello, I just ran across your site while doing a search on Ennis SMIDDY, the famous bank robber. I am Ennis SMIDDYS great-nephew. Ennis had a sister, Eva Pearl SMIDDY which is my Grandmother. Ennis and Eva's parents were Samual and Elisabeth SMIDDY . My father was there when they brought Ennis home from Alcatraz to be buried. This took place in Addingtom, Ok. and Ennis is buried in Duncan, Ok. My Grandmother (Eva SMIDDY) married Henry PARKER, and they lived in Addington, Ok. most of their lives. E-mail back any info if you have it. Thanks.

David Parker.

David and Shannon Parker


my g.grandfather, Samuel Edgar Smiddy's family. Samuel was born July 4, 1874 and married Herni or Henry Elizabeth Bell on 9-19-1897 in Hopkins, Tx. His father was Green S. Smiddy born 8-31-1846 and died 12-7-1905 (not sure where). Green married Elizabeth Jane Moreland born 12-16-1843 Died 10-11-1899 (do not know where). Green's father was Andrew Jackson Smiddy born 1815 in Tn. He married Polly Morrow born 1823. Andrew's father was Wm. Smiddy born abt 1780 and married to Sarah Good.

Samual Edgar SMIDDY (1874) m.(1897) Herni/Henry Elizabeth BELL

Their children were -

Ennis SMIDDY (buried in Duncan, Ok.)

Eva Pearl SMIDDY m. Henry PARKER

Their children are -

? PARKER m ??

Their children are -


Hi Ann. My cousin Melody Smiddy found your site. I too am a Smiddy. My father was Charles Walter Smiddy. He passed away March 17, 2004. He is the son of Clarence and Anna Mae Smiddy. Do you know them?

Thanks Dee

march 10th 2005

Veteran's Name: Reuben Smiddy
His Rank: Private
His Unit: Capt. Robert Doak's Militia
Pension Number: WC529-BLWT36461-120-55
Additional Info: Reuben Smiddy b.abt.1787-1790 VA. He enlisted as a Private in Captain Robert Doak's East Tenn. Mil., Sept 23, 1813 at Jacksboro, Campbell Co., TN. Discharged at Lookout Mountain, Jan 1, 1814. Honorably Discharged. BLD report shows 101 Days of service.
Widow Sarah Shoopman Smiddy b. abt 1787 received widow's pension. Paperwork says they were married Jun 1, 1811 by Rev. Vanover at Montgomery Co., VA.
My line---Reuben Smiddy & Sarah Shoopman----Calvin Smiddy & Elizabeth Hicks----Reuben Smiddy & Matilda Potter---Molly Smiddy & Mano Cuel----Hazel Cuel & Charley Brock are my Grandparents
Name: Debra Elam

Hi Ann -

My name is Betty Ann Smiddy and your site is the greatest! I have extensive records on the Smiddys of Tennessee and Kentucky which fought in the American Revolutionary War. I will freely share my information with you. Exactly who was the original immigrant to US would be before 1772. I have been to the National Library in Dublin and their records do not go back that far. Do you know if anyone has looked at records in Youghal for early Smiddys? Thank you for this site!! Betty Ann

Betty Smiddy

Good day from Dallas, TX..........

Nice web page. Another Smiddy here. I believe my line goes back to William Smiddy born ca 1780.

I have an aunt, Melba (Smiddy) Leahy who lives in Belfast who married a Desmond Leahy. Both in their 60's.

It looks like we could be related all around! And you resemble my aunt when she was younger with your jet black hair, fair skin and blue eyes.

I'm also related to Betty Ann Smiddy who has a posting on your site.

I just wanted to drop a line and say hi. We're both the same age, so I thought that's intriguing!

Take care,

Kevin Smiddy

Dallas, TX 3rd August 2005


There are a lot of Smiddy's in Texas. They were involved in the Spindletop Oil well, from which a movie was made with actors, Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, and James Dean. I would imagine that you can find thousands or more still in Texas. I think by far though, there are more Smiddy's in California then anywhere else. All I know about mine, is that they originated in Tennessee, (Knoxville is where my grandfather William R. Smiddy was born). Some went on to Illinois, which is where I was born as a Smiddy, daughter of Oliver C. Smiddy, son of William R. Smiddy, son of William R. Smiddy, and yet another William R. Smiddy..

Ann (Smiddy) Parker

We are searching for information on William Smiddy and ancestors, born approximately 1780. He reportedly left Youghal for American (timeframe unknown). Contact from anyone from or with Smiddy family information is most welcome. Thank you!

Teresa Smiddy Barcus
Posted - 19 August 2001 : 20:13:00

Bridget Smiddy and John Savage


Thanks for the web site and info. My only Smiddy is Bridget Smiddy (b. early 1800's) who married John Savage and had at least three children. Peter (1827), Johanna (1830) and Patrick (1846). Peter and Johanna married James H. and Mary Morrissey (siblings) and moved from County Waterford in 1860 to New Rochelle NY.

Mike Morrissey 06-01-2006


Looking for the parents of Lucinda b.1812 White Co. TN, Andrew Jackson b. 1815, Green b. 1820, William b. 1827, Nancy and Sarah Jane SMIDDY. Siblings left TN to go to Hancock Co. Illinois abt. 1838. Not sure if parents came with, possibly died on the way or died in TN. Any help would be arreciated. Cynthia Thurman Boyd


I am looking for information on John SMIDDY. He was born abt 1855 in Ireland and married Mary LEITTER. They immigrated to the United States About 1890. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

John Graham 20 Apr 2002

Cornelius DEVLIN and Margaret SMIDDY

Seeking any information on the siblings and parents of Cornelius DEVLIN, who was supposedly (b. 1802 in Barnes Moor, Co. Donegal, Ireland) and came to USA before 1857, he (died 10th May 1916 in Summerhill, Cayuga Co., NY). He m. Margaret SMIDDY, who was (b. Apr. 1837 County Cork, Ireland. ( They married ca 1859 and settled in Summerhill, Cayuga Co., NY.

They had 9 children:
1. Ella D. DEVLIN m. John SHERMAN
2. Catherine DEVLIN m. Eugene GILLEN
3. Mary DEVLIN m. Daniel Mc NISH
4. Anna DEVLIN m. R. Jay NILES of Cortland
5. Edward DEVLIN (b. 8 Aug 1870 in Summerhill, Cayuga Co., NY) (d. 11 Jul 1954 in Groton, Tompkins Co., NY) , at the home of his grandson, Harold PULLEN on the Devlen road, Groton, R. D. 1, following a long illness. m. (26 Oct 1892) Cora May BAKER (b. 28 Aug 1869)

They had 9 children -



Gladys DEVLEN (LOCKERBY) of Lansingville


Irene DEVLEN (HOLDEN) of Groton


Clarence DEVLEN

Laurence DEVLEN

Harold DEVLEN of Groton

Inez Belle DEVLEN (CORNWELL)(b. 21 Jun 1893 in Groton, Tompkins County, New York) (d. 26 Feb 1960 in Groton, Tompkins County, New York m.(24 Dec 1914 in Groton, Tompkins County, New York) Carl Ellery CORNWELL (b. 24 Feb 1895 in Locke, Tompkins County, New York)

Their children were -

1. Karleen Mary CORNWELL (b. 3 Nov 1916 in Locke, Cayuga County, Ohio) (d.26 Oct 1987 in Groton, Tompkins County, New York) m.( 8th May 1937 in Groton, Tompkins County, New York) Otto Frederick STAMM (b. 23 Jul 1912 in Groton, Tompkins County, New York)

Their children were -

1. Karl Frederick STAMM

2. Phillip Henry STAMM

3. Mary Katherine STAMM

6. Jennie DEVLIN m. Charles COOPER
7. Marguerite DEVLIN never married
8. Margaret DEVLIN never married
9. Willie DEVLIN died young

Via family letters, I know that Cornelius had a brother who died 4 June 1891 in Lynn, Massachuetts (no name of this brother is known). Any help in locating further information on this family would be greatly appreciated.
Melinda Cornwell 30 Jul 1999

Edward DEVLIN and Katherine ??

Their Son -

Cornelius DEVLIN m Margaret SMIDDY (b. april 1836, Cork, Ireland, died 29th Mar 1922 in Summerhill, Cayuga Co., NY) her parents were John SMIDDY (b. abt. 1820, Ireland) and Catherine DRISCOL (both born in Cork)

John SMIDDY (b. abt. 1820, Ireland) and Catherine DRISCOL (both born in Cork)

Their children were-

Margaret SMIDDY (b. april 1836, Cork, Ireland, died 29th Mar 1922 in Summerhill, Cayuga Co., NY) m. Cornelius DEVLIN

Ellen SMIDDY (b. 19 Apr 1846, Cork, Conna, Killasaragh, Ireland) m. (5 Mar 1867, Cork, Conna, Ireland) John TURNER

Their children were -

Joan Josephine (Johanna)TURNER (b. 21 Apr 1868, Cork, Conna, Ballynascurlog, Ireland, d. 3 Dec 1962, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts) (EMIGRATION: 11 SEP 1889, Arrived aboard the ship Wisconsin in the Port of New York, listed in the passenger list for the ship line 34 Microfilm roll 538, list number 1248) m. ( 1 Jul 1893, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts) William Henry ROCKWELL
Their children were -
1. Violet Terresa ROCKWELL (b. 4 Oct 1894, Massachusetts)
2. Lillian Patricia ROCKWELL ( b. 17 Mar 1896 Massachusetts - 15 Aug 1990)
3. Beatrice ROCKWELL (b. abt. 1897, Massachusetts)
4. George Edward ROCKWELL (b. 23 Jan 1899, Massachusetts)
5. Howard Leo ROCKWELL (b. 7 Jan 1901, Massachusetts)
6. Ethel Elizabeth ROCKWELL (b. 20 Apr 1903, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, d. 20 Feb 1991, Jamacia Plains, MA) m. ( 3 Dec 1921, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts) George Allen TURNER (b. 18 Feb 1899, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, d. 1 Feb 1946, Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts).

Their children were -
1. George Allen TURNER jR.(b. 2 Jul 1923, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts d. 28 Nov 1957, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusett) m.(Nov 1947, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts) Marie ROFE.

Their children are -
1. Francis TURNER
2. William TURNER

2. Robert ROCKWELL TURNER (b. 4 Aug 1924, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, d. 2 Nov 1997, Florida) m. Frances Agnes MURPHY (b. 11 Feb 1934, Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts)

Their children are -
1. Linda Marie TURNER
3. Cheryl Ann TURNER
4. Deborah Jean TURNER
5. Christine Frances TURNER
6. Darlene Elizabeth TURNER
7. Theresa TURNER
8. Kevin TURNER
9. Scott TURNER
10. Patricia TURNER
11. Shawn TURNER

More on

3. Albert Joseph TURNER (b. 28 Mar 1933, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts)m.( 11 Sep 1953, Chicago, Cook, Illinois) Maria Emma GARCIA (b. 1 May 1932, Hebbronville, Jim Hogg, Texas).

Their children are -
1. +Patrick Joseph TURNER
2. +Ricardo Rolando TURNER
3. +George Allen TURNER
4. +Anna Maria TURNER
5. +Robert Michael TURNER

7. Rolland ROCKWELL
1. William Henry ROCKWELL
2. Mildred Gertrude ROCKWELL
3. Leonard James ROCKWELL

2. Mary TURNER
3. Catherine TURNER
4. Ellen TURNER
5. Mary TURNER
6. Michael TURNER
7. Elizabeth TURNER
8. Bridget TURNER

Mary BARRY who married a Thomas SMIDDY in Russell, Mass.

Hello Ann

I have a great aunt Mary Barry who married a Thomas Smiddy in Russell,

Mass. on April 7, 1866. Is there any connection.

Barry Prichard

Bemidji, Minnesota USA

I would just like to know if anyone knows of a Dianna Smiddy. she died around the year of 1991. I was adopted when I was only 6 months of age. I have a great family now. but I would like to have some information on the past medical records but I don't know how to get to that info. If anyone can help me please e-mail me and give me a clue I would appreciate it. thank you very much
buckeye, az USA - Thursday, September 24, 1998 at 15:22:04 (EDT)

Site looks great! If you run into any surname of Hudson or Swann/Schwan Stamps, Smiddy, Danks or Toon - e mail me. Thanks!
J Swann
Andersonville, TN USA -

John E. Smiddy married to Mary Flaherty

Hi Ann, or should I say cousin!

My name is Stephanie (Smiddy) MacGregor and I am from north of Boston, MA in the States. I found your website as I was doing some research on Smiddy family history. First, let me say thank you for all the work you have done! It has been wonderful to travel back in time and learn more about my ancestors. I think I would be 9th generation Smiddy.

My Great-Grandfather was John E. Smiddy (#26) who was denounced from the pulpit for calling a union meeting. His oldest son, Thomas was my Grandfather. He did not become a Catholic priest. After he and his family moved to the States, he married my Grandmother Mary Flaherty (whose family, I am told, was originally from Galway). My Grandfather was very well respected in the shipping industry in Boston and was very involved in union relations. He must have been inspired by his Father. -

He and my Grandmother had three children: my Aunt Adelaide Frances Smiddy Watkins (recently deceased at age 95; one son deceased in 1959), my Uncle Thomas Matthew Smiddy (deceased about 15 years ago; 4 children), and my Father Paul Edward Smiddy. I am his only offspring (born 1955).

I have more I can add to this, but I am not sure you are still keeping up with family history matters.

I have never been to Ireland, and very much hope to go within the year. I would love to meet some Smiddy relatives.

I send you my best thoughts for good health and happiness –

Your long-lost cousin Stephanie

May 2008

My Grandfather Thomas M. Smiddy was born 11/13/83 and died 5/16/66. He married Mary Frances Flaherty (b. 1892, d. 1926 of tuberculosis when my father was 5).

They had three children:


My aunt Adelaide Frances Smiddy (b. 7/6/12, died 2/8/08) married Preston D. Watkins (from Florida) and had one son, Thomas Watkins (b. 1939, died 7/33/59 by accident on a U.S. Air Force base in France).

My uncle Thomas Matthew Smiddy (b. 7/26/16, died St. Patrick’s Day 3/17/94) married Elizabeth L. Hubbard (b. 11/15/21, d. 6/26/93). They had 4 children: Mary Smiddy Often of Mesa Arizona, Joseph M. Smiddy (b. 7/20/47, d. 1/2/98), Monica Smiddy (b. 5/11/54) and Elizabeth Smiddy (b. 9/61)

My father Paul Edward Smiddy (b. 2/25/21, died 6/10/77) married Anita Rosemary Martineau (b. 5/1/20, d. 11/4/04). I am their only child, Stephanie Jane Smiddy, born 3/22/55. Married Eugene Willard MacGregor (8/18/49) on 12/15/79. We have two sons: Ian Paul MacGregor (b. 2/1/85) and Ross Willard MacGregor (b. 12/4/89).

Though we live far from each other. I am very close with my first-cousins Monica and Elizabeth. Neither has children. Monica lives in New York City and is a medical examiner. Elizabeth lives in Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, Florida. She owns a restaurant. Their brother Joe is deceased. He and his wife Barbara had two children: Dana Smiddy (a son; married with two sons), and Deanna Smiddy (a daughter, not married, no offspring). My oldest Smiddy cousin, Mary, married David Davenport (now deceased) and had a son David Davenport. Mary then married John Often and they had two sons, John and Matthew Often, and an adopted daughter Katrina. Most or all of them have children, but I am not sure of names. Katrina married and has a son about 10 or 11 named Edward and they call him EJ.

New Zealand Society of Genealogists Inc.

William SMIDDY and Abina HEARLY (also recorded as Alice HURLEY) from Glanworth in Cork

Hi Michael,

I came across the above on the New Zealand Society of Genealogists Inc.

I have been researching my Smiddy family history and have written most of it up on my family history web-site -

You may find it of interest. Are you related to the above Gentleman?

Regards Ann (Smiddy).

Hi Ann

I am a little unsure of which gentleman you wish to know if I am related to or not? but I have had a look at your site and could not make an immediate


I am descended from a William Smiddy and Abina Hearly (also recorded as Alice Hurley) from Glanworth in Cork and they had two children that I know

off and both came to New Zealand at a young age and when the son married at17 he signed a declaration that there was no one in the colony to give

consent to his marriage so his parents either had died before 1876 or he came out with his sister (the same was true of the girl he married so they all

may have come together) with out them.

The eldest was Michael Smiddy born c1859 in Glanworth died 24 Aug 1885 in Dunedin NZ and married Kate Sheehan in Oamaru NZ 18 Mar 1876

they had Mary Smiddy b 1877 married Mr Baillie died 13 Oct 1963, Abina Smiddy born 1879died 1881, Kate Smiddy b 1882 mar 1914 Ernest Forbes and William Smiddy born1884 married Mary Cecilla Dwyer in 1906 and had Mary Catherine Smiddy born1906, William Gregory Smiddy born 1907 and Phillis Eileen Smiddy born 1909.

The second child of William and Abina was Mary Ann Smiddy born c1860 in Glanworth and died 15 Aug 1948 in Gisborne NZ and married William McIlwraith

in Oamaru on 18 Sep 1878 and had five children one of which was my great great grandmother.

I am afraid that is all the information I have on the NZ Smiddy's and I have not been able to find out any more on William and Abina.

I will keep an eye on your home page,

all the best

Michael Rodda

Isabella Smiddy once married to Marcus Roy Saltau, Melbourne Australia

Searching for information for Isabella Smiddy. Once married to Marcus Roy Saltau. Remarried and may have moved to Geraldton Western Australia. Children, Ronald, Henry and Joyce. Any information would be great.

jaine saltau

I just came across this site and it's really strange to see all of the Smiddy names.

My dad died very young and was separated from my mom soon after I was born.

The only appearances I've had w/Smiddy's is a little crazy, cousins, uncles and the three visits w/William Loyde Smiddy my birth father.

I'm now 53 and I've got more info from you people on this site then any where else, thanks.

The part that's most interesting is the info on Ireland it's nice to know that that we do have some kind of history in our family.

William A. Smiddy

John SMIDDY and wife Mary Ellen ( Bowe/Beau)

Hi Ann,

I have not done much on our Smiddy line and have family stories that don't quite seem right. What a surprise!

The story goes that John SMIDDY was very tall and was picked to be one of Queen Victoria's guards when he was 16 yr old. He hated it and after 11 yrs, he supposedly stowed away on a ship for America. He left a wife (Mary Ellen Bowe/Beau) & children. About 1 yr later the wife and children followed. John SMIDDY worked in the coal mines and was killed in an accident about 1860.

Does any of this story seem plausible? I did find a variety of John SMIDDY's listed as arriving by ship from England & their ages vary.

Family notes say John's father may have been Richard SMIDDY and John's brother was Dave SMIDDY.

All help very much appreciated.


Patti Waitman-Ingebretsen