Saturday, 9 March 2013

Happy 90th birthday 
to my Aunt Sr. Veronica 'Baptista' Smiddy on March 9th 2013.

            Sr. Baptisa was born in Beanfield, Youghal, Co.Cork to William 'Bill' Smiddy, Ballymadog and Hannah Maria 'Babs' Gould, Castlerichard.       

Photo taken above of Baptista in her younger days -

Teachers Remember!
Sr. Baptista Smiddy taught in Couva for twelve of the forty years she spent in Trinidad. The following words to a past-pupil show the memory and heart of teachers for their students:
Sr. Baptista
“I’m so happy to have had a ‘tiny’ part in your education and formation. May God fill you with wisdom and courage to speak up and to speak out when necessary; to use your gifts of education and natural ability for the betterment of your sisters and brothers ... ... If I have helped in any way to educate you and others - to be alert, aware, courageous and vocal when necessary - that’s reward enough for me. God bless you and all my past-pupils in this school!"

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