Saturday, 30 October 2010

Line of Shirley SMIDDY, sons Burgan Smiddy, Ronald Dale Smiddy and Douglas McAurther Smiddy.

Thanks to Ronnie Smiddy from Briceville, Tenn. for the following information -

by Smiddys all around the world Facebook page on Tuesday, 26 October 2010 at 11:44

Ronnie Smiddy 25 October at 00:40 Report

Hello Ann Smiddy,
My name is Ronald Douglas Smiddy.
My dads name is Douglas McAurther Smiddy.
He has two brothers Burgan Smiddy and Ronald Dale Smiddy.
The fathers name was Shirley Smiddy.
They are from Briceville, Tenn. and i would like to know if we are related to another?
So i guess i will let you go and have a nice day.
Ronald Smiddy

Shirley Smiddy m ??
His sons are -
Burgan Smiddy
Ronald Dale Smiddy
Douglas McAurther Smiddy

Douglas McAurther Smiddy
His son is -
Ronald Douglas Smiddy

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