Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Very Reverend Monsignor Thomas W. SMIDDY.

William SMIDDY, (50. Thomas 6, 17. William 5, 10.Thomas 4, 5.Timothy 3, 2. Thomas 2, 1. John 1) b. 1868, Garrymore. Went to America. (2nd cousin of my Grand Father William SMIDDY).

He married Mary ?(Annie) ELLARD, c 1905, b. c 1875, Buttevant. Mary : Buttevant. Died in the U.S.A.


     228. i. Very Reverend Monsignor Thomas W. SMIDDY, b. 1912, occupation Catholic Priest, d. 1967. Lived in New York.
He was born in 1904. Ordained in 1929. Died in 1965. He is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery , Brooklyn, New York as told by Anne DEELEY.

He had three sisters -
Marguerite (Briggs)
Catherine (Hennessy)
Frances (Healy) deceased at the time of his death.

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