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Sarsfield P. Smiddy, son of Diplomat is a Rum Runner

The Helena Independent, Helena, Montana

Tues. April 26, 1927

Page 1

Young Smiddy in Cell in Detroit

Son of Diplomat is a Rum Runner

Detroit, April 25-Lacking bond of $1,5000 Sarsfield P. Smiddy, 21, son of Professor Timothy A. Smiddy, Irish Free State representative to the United States, was in the county jail tonight, charged with having violated the federal tariff act in smuggling whisky from Canada.

Smiddy pleaded not guilty when arraigned today before United Stated Commissioner J. Stanley Huurd, and was held for examination a week hence. His arrest, which did not become known until today, occurred Friday while he was at the wheel of an automobile being brought across from Windsor to Detroit on a ferry boat. Customs officers said 43 bottles of whisky were brought across in the machine, most of it packed under the radiator.

A borrowed automobile and a group of four friends figured in the incident according to young Smiddy. He was emphatic, however, in saying that the owner of the automobile did not know the use to which it was to be put. The four friends disappeared about the time customs officers say they discovered the liquor leaking from under the radiator. Smiddy said he had been employed in local automobile plants for about two years.

The Decatur Review (Illinois) August 7, 1927

Detroit, Aug. 6 - A charge of tariff law violation against Sarsfield P. Smiddy, 21, son of Professor Timothy A. Smiddy, Irish Free State minister to the United States, was dismissed by the U. S. Commissioner here today. Smiddy was charged with transporting several bottles of liquor into the United States from Canada.

1930 U. S. Census

Smiddy, Sarsfield, age 23, Lodger, Dearborn, Wayne Co., Michigan

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