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Ernest , Ennis, Green and Bleuford SMIDDY.

Ernest SMIDDY Arrested, 1940, Whitley Co. Kentucky.
The Whitley Republican, Williamsburg, KY - Thursday, November 7, 1940 
Ernest SMIDDY Held In Jail For Shooting.

A 20-year-old Packard youth, was arrested Tuesday night by Deputy Sheriff LEWIS DOPLE, and is in the Whitley County jail on a charge of shooting with intent to kill.
SMIDDY's arrest took place after Sam Petrey, about 65 years old, was shot once in the arm at his residence at Packard. The bullet entered the fleshy part of the arm and ranged into the shoulder. When the shooting was reported to the county officers, Commonwealth's Attorney J.B. Johnson, Magistrate Sid Peavley and Jailer John Faulkner rushed to Packard where they joined Magistrate G.M. Castle and Constable E.L. Walker in an investigation of the case. Officials of the Mahan Jellico Coal Company telephoned to LaFollette for Herbert Williams and his bloodhounds, and the dogs took up the trail and proceeded straight to SMIDDY, who denied any knowledge of the shooting. Officers reported that the shooting took place when Petrey stepped out of his back porch and lifted up a dipper to take a drink of water. The bullet, fired from ambush, barely missed the dipper and struck the Packard man. Petrey was rushed to a Knoxville hospital by Maurice Howard, where his condition is not regarded as serious. SMIDDY, according to the arresting officer, is a stepson of the injured man. The shooting, it is believed, was the outgrowth of a family quarrel.

U.S.P. Alcatraz Inmate Register 1934-1963
243. SMIDDY, Ennis Fay

Every Prisoner to Every Serve Time on Alcatraz...

Prisoner's Number Name  Ethnicity (W, B, M, or I) Prisoner's Crime Escape Risk
243 Smiddy, Ennis  W Nat'l Bank Robbery & Kidnapping  Died at Alcatraz 10-21-41. No cause given.
, ,
*May 9- Bank of Wetumka-Hughes County, was robbed by Jim Clark, Frank Delmar, Ennis Smiddy and Red Unsell of $2000. * See book-The Tri-State Terror: The Life and Crimes of Wilbur Underhill for further information.
*May 31-The Peoples National bank of Kingfisher, Kingfisher County, was robbed by Jim Clark, Frank Delmar, Red Unsell, and Ennis Smiddy for $3000. Four hostages taken and released during raid. This event marked the second occasion in a year’s time Jim Clark had been involved in looting the financial institution. * Read The Tri-State Terror for further information.
*June 20-Merchents Bank of Crescent-Robbed by Jim Clark, Frank Delmar, ‘Aubrey Red’ Unsell, and Ennis Smiddy. Read *Tri-State Terror
November 8- First National Bank of Okeene- Blaine County-A trio of robbers took the bank for $1165. Jim Clark’s old pal, Ennis Smiddy was suspected to have been the leader of the hijackers.
“Jim Clark: Muskogee County Desperado”
  By R. D. Morgan and Lester Clark
Hello, I just ran across your site while doing a search on Ennis SMIDDY, the famous bank robber. I am Ennis SMIDDYS great-nephew. Ennis had a sister, Eva Pearl SMIDDY which is my Grandmother. Ennis and Eva's parents were Samual and Elisabeth SMIDDY . My father was there when they brought Ennis home from Alcatraz to be buried. This took place in Addingtom, Ok. and Ennis id buried in Duncan, Ok. My Grandmother (Eva SMIDDY) married Henry PARKER, and they lived in Addington, Ok. most of their lives. E-mail back any info if you have it. Thanks.
David Parker.

Monia, thank you for responding back. I was thrilled you responding. How old is your daughter? I am 52 years old. 
I noticed that you do not have much information about my g grandfather, Samuel Edgar Smiddy. I can share his lineage with you as I just completed it. I did not put it on the net because I was not sure how to do it. So I would be appreciative if you wanted to update the Smiddy line for me. If not, just let me know how to do it and I will update it.

Samuel Edgar Smiddy (b. 4 Jul 1874 d. 16Jan. 1937)  married Henry (or Henri) Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bell in 1908. She was born 1881 in Tx. They had 12 children. I have no further information on her and my father cannot remember her parents names now.

1. The oldest was Eva Pearl Smiddy (My grandmother) (born 3 Aug. 1899? died 25 Mar 1969). She married Henry Alvin Parker on 17 Aug.1917. He was (born 11 Dec. 1895 and died 25 Jul 1969). Eva died of a heart attack after being told that Daddy Henry had cancer and would not live long. The family felt that she was afraid to live without him. He died four months to the day after she did.

Eva Pearl Smiddy and Henry Alvin Parker had five Children with the oldest being my father 

1. Alvin Edward Parker b. 19 Oct 1920 in Indiahoma, IT married Loyce Juanita Bacon on 21 May, 1938.
 Their children: Phyllis Jean Parker born 13 Jan 1940 died Jun, 1990; 
Linda Sue Parker born 16 May, 1942; 
Polly Aleene Parker born 18 Aug. 1946; 
Debra Loyce Parker born 29 Aug. 1950 
and Alvin Edward Parker Jr. born 27 Aug. 1952 ( We are all living with the exception of my oldest sister Phyllis.) 
2. Cedrel Lorrine Parker born 22 Mar 1922 d. 30 Jan 1937 in a tragic Model T and train crash. It killed four young people and my parents who were dating at the time, were in the back seat with my mother's brother and his date. All in the front seat were killed. 
Eva Parker lost her father Sam Smiddy two weeks before this, her daughter and her brother Eunice in the crash. I never saw my grandmother happy, she worried all the time and the numerous tragic losses in her life caused her to be negative and/or sad all the time. 
3. Curtis Parker born 10 Nov, 1928 
4. Robert Dale Parker b.28 Dec. 1932 d.2 Nov. 1996 
5. Mary Elizabeth Parker b. 12 Jan 1940. 
NOTE: My grandmother Eva Parker had her last child Mary only hours before my parents gave birth to Phyllis who was Eva Parker's first grandchild.
1. The oldest was Eva Pearl Smiddy (My grandmother) (born 3 Aug. 1899? died 25 Mar 1969). She married Henry Alvin Parker on 17 Aug.1917. He was (born 11 Dec. 1895 and died 25 Jul 1969). Eva died of a heart attack after being told that Daddy Henry had cancer and would not live long. The family felt that she was afraid to live without him. He died four months to the day after she did.

2 Earl Smiddy the second child of Samuel and Lizzie Smiddy

3 Fredrick Gene Smiddy

4 Eunice Smiddy

5 Beatrice Smiddy

6 Myrtle Smiddy

7 Mildred Smiddy

8 Wanda Smiddy

9 Green C. Smiddy (was shot and killed in a bank robbery in or near Addington, Ok.)

10 Ennis Fay Smiddy (died in Alcatraz Prision after being stabbed to death there).

11 Bleuford ? Smiddy (?was shot and killed in a bank robbery in or near Addington, Ok.)

12 Sam Smiddy

NOTE: After Papa Smiddy died (Samuel
Edgar Smiddy) the younger boys began to rob banks during the depression. My father is very ashamed of this and will not talk about it. But Ennis died in Alcatraz Prision after being stabbed to death there. Green Smiddy was shot and killed in a bank robbery in or near Addington, Ok. along with another of the Smiddy boys. I think it must have been Bleuford as I do not remember anything else about him. My daddy said they were good boys just trying to survive during a very difficult time. Both my grandmother and my great grandmother suffered so many losses, I truly do not know how they survived all the heartache. Truly women of steel.
My daddy said that Mama Smiddy was the sweetest kindest woman he ever knew and Papa Smiddy was a very good, kind man. Your daughter's g.grandmother was only two years younger than Papa Smiddy. She must have known some of this since she did not die until 1955. I probably have given you much more information than what you wanted. If felt good for me to write it down to someone as I have never been allowed to talk about it around my family. It was always surrounded with such secrecy and so much pain. I am still working on finding more about Mama Smiddy and where she came from and will soon be able to obtain births and deaths of my great aunts and uncles. I have one aunt and one uncle still living who has access to that information in Mama Smiddy's family bible. I hope that I hear back from you, Monia.
By the way, just for your information, in the movie "O Brother, Where Art thou!" In the first of the movie when George Cloony asks the hobos on the train if they have seen the "Smiddy boys", he was referring to our Smiddy boys who robbed banks. Bonnie and Clyde ran with them some too.
Take care. Debra

Wed April 04 2007 07:47 PM
I have been reading about the Smiddy family out of Jefferson County, OK. It seems that two brothers, Ennis and Green Smiddy, were involved in the killing of deputy sheriff Louis Harvill in 1928. They were tried for murder but were acquitted. Ennis Smiddy went on to bank robbery and kidnapping, was caught, tried, and sent to Leavenworth, and finally sent to Alcatraz where he died in 1941. His body was shipped back to OK for burial.

But what became of Green Smiddy (sometimes spelled Smitty). The only clue I have run across is a post where it said "he was killed during a bank robbery"; the post did not give a state nor date.

Do any of the history buffs reading this board know by chance when/where Curtis Green Smiddy may have been killed and the circumstances surrounding his death?
Posted Mon July 09 2007 08:59 AM
Ennis Smiddy was involved in a half-dozen bank robberies while operating with the Jim Clark-Delmare Gang in 1934. He was convicted of robbing the Kingfisher bank and sent to Alcatraz.
Posted Sat July 05 2008 10:28 AM
"Ennis Fay Smiddy: Professional Bank Robber", by R.D. Morgan.

(Source: Oklahombres Journal - Special Edition - Spring 2008 {Vol. 19 No. 3 pp. 1-6}.

Another wonderful story by a dedicated researcher and historian. However, lauding praise on this author is like "throwing kerosene on hot coals"! Ron knows how good he is at this - - Congratulations and "Thanks!" for another exceptional story!
Posted Thu November 27 2008 08:36 PM
Ennis Smiddy was my great grandfather and I'm trying to find more information. I would like to get this book by R.D Morgan if anyone could help I would apprieciate it very much.
Posted Sat November 29 2008 08:51 AM

This is not from a book, but from an article in our Oklahombres Journal. If you wish to get a copy of just that particular article, write down an address for me to send it and I'll forward it to you. Thanks., M.Koch.
Posted Fri July 24 2009 09:58 PM
"Green Smiddy, 29, Dies In Arkansas"

Former Jefferson County Resident Is Victim of Gunshot Wound

Funeral services were to be held this afternoon at the Holiness Church in Addington for Curtis Green Smiddy, 29, former Jefferson County resident, who has been living near Russellville, Ark., recently.

Smiddy died at his home near Russellville at 9:05 o'clock last Thursday night of a gun shot wound.

According to information given the relatives, Smiddy had been cleaning a pistol Wednesday afternoon and had placed the weapon in his clothing when he went outdoors to get an arm load of wood.

Smiddy is said to have stooped over near the stove to unload the wood. The pistol fell out of his clothing and struck on the hearth.

In the fall, it was discharged and the bullet struck Smiddy in the abdomen. Relatives were told that he died 32 hours afterward.

The body was sent back to Waurika and arrived there by train Saturday. Frm there it was taken to the home of Smiddy's parents near Addington. The Rangeley-Goodman Funeral Home of Duncan had charge of the arrangements and said burial was to be made in the Duncan Cemetery late this afternoon.

Smiddy was born in Hugo, Okla., removing to near Addington with his parents in 1907. He had gone to Arkansas only recently. Two months ago he married Miss Aileen Gilland of Hot Springs, Ark. His widow, the parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Smiddy, and 11 brothers and sisters survive.

(Source: Duncan Banner - November 14, 1932, p.6).
Posted Sat July 25 2009 07:34 AM

Sure do know that name. R. D. Morgan was trying to located his death and thought he was killed in Texas during a bank holdup, I believe. Thanks for finding this death notice.
Posted Sat July 25 2009 10:41 AM
Nice to finally know the end of Mr. Smiddy. Mike K. and I went through the Duncan papers with a fine tooth comb a couple of years ago but somehow missed the obit..Good work...Ron
Posted Sat July 25 2009 10:18 PM
It is still "possible" that Green Smiddy was shot during a bank robbery, got away, and returned home to die - - hours later. The story told to the family and the media...well, it could have been just that...a story! Who knows - - for sure!?!

I understand that accidents DO HAPPEN; however, how many law abiding folks feel it necessary to be "packing heat" on them, just to retrieve wood for the fireplace. And, wouldn't one think that a guy with Smiddy's reputation with firearms would be more careful.

Naw, it probably happened just like the family and the newspaper reported it. Case closed!
Posted Sun July 26 2009 05:18 AM
Right. True or not, I like the bank robbery story much better...Ron
Posted Tue April 06 2010 06:30 PM
Originally posted by dwayne:
Ennis Smiddy was my great grandfather and I'm trying to find more information. I would like to get this book by R.D Morgan if anyone could help I would apprieciate it very much.

Ennis & Green Smiddy were my Great Grandmother's cousins. Her mother was a Smiddy. My Aunt recently started digging for information regarding the "Smiddy Boys" based on an old story my great grandmother would tell her. That would make them my 4th Cousins.
Posted Sat April 24 2010 02:05 PM
I have always heard stories of Ennis and Green. They were my great great uncles. My mema and pa have always told me stories about how they were the two nicest guys you would of evr met until you got on there bad side. One night these guys robbed a bank and then got so drunk that they burried the money and forgot the next day where they burried it.

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  1. I am Wanda Smiddy's granddaughter. I am starting a Smiddy line on Any information would be appreicated. Would love to know who has Lizzie Smiddy's Bible.