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John SMIDDY and Catherine DRISCOLL parents of Ellen SMIDDY (TURNER).

John SMIDDY and Catherine DRISCOLL, parents of Ellen SMIDDY (TURNER).

John SMIDDY (b. abt. 1820, Ireland) and Catherine DRISCOL (both born in Cork).

Their children were- 
1. Margaret SMIDDY (b. April 1836), Cork, Ireland, (d. Mar. 29th 1922) in Summerhill, Cayuga Co., NY) m. Cornelius DEVLIN

2. Ellen SMIDDY (b. Apr. 19th 1846), Cork, Conna, Killasaragh, Ireland) m. (Mar. 5th 1867), Cork, Conna, Ireland) John TURNER

Margaret SMIDDY and Cornelius DEVLIN

Seeking any information on the siblings and parents of Cornelius DEVLIN, who was supposedly ( b. 1802 in Barnes Moor, Co. Donegal,  Ireland) and came to USA before 1857, he (died 10th  May 1916 in Summerhill, Cayuga Co., NY). He m. Margaret SMIDDY, who was ( b. Apr. 1837 County Cork, Ireland. (They married ca 1859 and settled in Summerhill, Cayuga Co., NY. 
They had 9 children -
1. Ella D. DEVLIN m. John SHERMAN
2. Catherine DEVLIN m. Eugene GILLEN
3. Mary DEVLIN m. Daniel Mc NISH
4. Anna DEVLIN m. R. Jay NILES
5. Edward DEVLIN (b. 8 Aug 1870 in Summerhill, Cayuga Co., NY) (d. 11 Jul 1954 in Groton, Tompkins Co., NY) m. (26 Oct 1892) Cora May BAKER (b. 28 Aug 1869)
They had 9 children –
2.    Gladys  DEVLEN (LOCKERBY)
3.    Celia DEVLEN (PULLEN)
4.    Irene DEVLEN (HOLDEN)
5.    George DEVLEN
6.    Clarence DEVLEN
7.    Laurence DEVLEN
8.    Harold DEVLEN
9.    Inez Belle DEVLEN (CORNWELL) (b. 21 Jun 1893 in Groton, Tompkins County, New York) (d. 26 Feb 1960 in Groton, Tompkins County, New York

  •      Inez Belle DEVLEN (CORNWELL) (b. 21 Jun 1893 in Groton, Tompkins County, New York) (d. 26 Feb 1960 in Groton, Tompkins County, New York m.(24 Dec 1914 in Groton, Tompkins County, New York) Carl Ellery CORNWELL (b. 24 Feb 1895 in Locke, Tompkins County, New York)
  • Children of Inez Belle DEVLEN (CORNWELL) & Carl Ellery CORNWELL were –

  • 1. Karleen Mary CORNWELL (b. 3 Nov 1916 in Locke, Cayuga County, Ohio) (d.26 Oct 1987 in Groton, Tompkins County, New York)
  • m.( 8th May 1937 in Groton, Tompkins County, New York) Otto Frederick STAMM (b. 23 Jul 1912 in Groton, Tompkins County, New York)

  • Children of  Karleen Mary CORNWELL & Otto Frederick STAMM were
  • 1. Karl Frederick STAMM
  • 2. Phillip Henry STAMM
  • 3. Mary Katherine STAMM
6. Jennie DEVLIN m. Charles COOPER
7. Marguerite DEVLIN never married
8. Margaret DEVLIN never married
9. Willie DEVLIN died young

Via family letters, I know that Cornelius had a brother who died 4 June 1891 in Lynn, Massachuetts (no name of this brother is known). Any help in locating further information on this family would be greatly appreciated.
 Melinda Cornwell   30 Jul 1999

Ellen  SMIDDY and John TURNER
Children of Ellen SMIDDY & John TURNER were –
1.      Joan Josephine (Johanna) TURNER (b. 21 Apr 1868), Ballynascurlog, Conna, Cork, Ireland, (d. 3 Dec 1962), Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts) (EMIGRATION: 11 SEP 1889).
2.    Mary TURNER b. 20 Aug 1870 Cork, Conna, Kilphilibeeng, Ireland.
3. Catherine TURNER b. 20 Sep 1871 Cork, Castlelyons, Ireland
4. Ellen TURNER b. 18 Dec 1873 Cork, Conna, Kilphilibeen, Ireland
5. Mary TURNER b. 24 Dec 1875 Cork, Conna, Kilphilibeen, Ireland
6. Michael TURNER b. 8 Jun 1880 Cork, Conna, Ballynoe, Ireland
7. Elizabeth TURNER b. 21 May 1885 Cork, Conna, Boultra, Ireland
8. Bridget TURNER b. 19 Jan 1890 Cork, Imogeela, Clonmult, Ireland

1.      Joan Josephine (Johanna) TURNER (b. Apr. 21st 1868), Ballynascurlog, Conna, Cork, Ireland, (d. Dec. 3rd 1962), Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts) (EMIGRATION: Sept. 11th 1889).
Arrived aboard the ship Wisconsin in the Port of New York, listed in the passenger list for the ship line 34 Microfilm roll 538, list number 1248) m. ( Jul. 1st 1893), Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts) William Henry ROCKWELL 
Children of Joan Josephine (Johanna) TURNER and William Henry ROCKWELL were -
1.       Violet Teresa ROCKWELL (b. 4th  Oct 1894, Massachusetts)
2.      Leonard James ROCKWELL (b. 7th July 1895, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts – d. Feb. 1983).
3.       Lillian Patricia ROCKWELL ( b. 17 Mar 1896 Massachusetts - 15 Aug 1990)
4.        Beatrice ROCKWELL (b. abt. 1897, Massachusetts)
5.       George Edward ROCKWELL (b. 23 Jan 1899), Massachusetts)
6.       Howard Leo ROCKWELL (b. 7 Jan 1901, Massachusetts)
7.        Ethel Elizabeth ROCKWELL (b. 20 Apr 1903, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, (d. 20 Feb 1991, Jamacia Plains, MA) m. (3 Dec 1921, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts) George Allen TURNER (b. 18 Feb 1899, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, (d. 1 Feb 1946, Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts).
8.      Rolland ROCKWELL (b. abt. 1905, Massachusetts).
9.      William Henry ROCKWELL (b. 6th May 1907, Massachusetts)
10.    Mildred Gertrude ROCKWELL (b. ?).

Children of Ethel Elizabeth ROCKWELL & George Allen TURNER were -
(a) George Allen TURNER jr. (b. 2 Jul 1923), Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts (d. 28 Nov 1957, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts) m. Marie ROFE (Nov 1947), Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts). 

1.      Children of George Allen TURNER jr. & Marie ROFE are -
1.       Francis TURNER
2.       William TURNER

(b) Robert ROCKWELL TURNER (b. 4 Aug 1924), Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, (d. 2 Nov 1997, Florida) m. Frances Agnes MURPHY (b. 11 Feb 1934), Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts).

Children of Robert ROCKWELL TURNER and Frances Agnes MURPHY are -
1.       Linda Marie TURNER
2.       Robert ROCKWELL TURNER jr.
3.       Cheryl Ann TURNER
4.       Deborah Jean TURNER
5.       Christine Frances TURNER
6.       Darlene Elizabeth TURNER
7.       Theresa TURNER
8.       Kevin TURNER
9.       Scott TURNER
10. Patricia TURNER
11.Shawn TURNER

Albert Joseph TURNER (b. 28 Mar 1933), Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts) m. ( 11 Sep 1953), Chicago, Cook, Illinois) Maria Emma GARCIA (b. 1 May 1932, Hebbronville, Jim Hogg, Texas).
Children of Albert Joseph TURNER and Maria Emma GARCIA are -

2.      +Patrick Joseph TURNER
3.      +Ricardo Rolando TURNER
4.      +George Allen TURNER
5.      +Anna Maria TURNER
6.      +Robert Michael TURNER

Joan Josephine (Johanna) ROCKWELL (nee TURNER) (1868 to 1962)
daughter of Ellen SMIDDY and  John TURNER.  
In 1882 my grandmother
Joan (Turner) Rockwell
immigrated from Ireland to the United States and settled in Boston, Massachusetts.  
She was a kind and loving person who raised 10 children, two of whom died at a young age.  
She was born in the town of Ballynascurlog, Conna parish, County Cork which is now called (Newtown) in 1868.  
Her father was John Turner and mother Ellen Smiddy both of whom were born, raised and died in Co. Cork.  In 1904 she returned to the town of Ballynoe, Co. Cork where she lived until she immigrated, taking my mother and her siblings for a visit with their grandparents. 
This was her final trip back to the old country.  
She died in Boston, Massachusetts in 1962 at the age of 94 years.

I'm proud of my Irish heritage, having grandparents, great grandparents, on both sides of my family, who were born and emigrated from Ireland to this country.  
My other Irish ancestors were the Daugherty's, Hennessey's and Kelly's, whose genealogies I am still researching.  
In 1999 I applied for and was granted Irish citizenship through my grandmother.  
I now have dual citizenship and I feel honoured to be a citizen of two great countries.

If any of my relatives who are still living in Co. Cork or other places in the world come across this page, I'd like very much to hear from them.

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