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SMIDDY Gravestones, Youghal and Killeagh Co.Cork, Ireland


In loving memory of William (Bill) Smiddy of Beanfield who died Dec. 3rd 1961 (born Oct. 24th 1890) and his wife (Hannah Maria) Anna Smiddy (nee Gould) who died Jan. 10th 1982 (born Feb. 20th 1888).
In memory of Maurice (Moss) Smiddy of Ballymadog who died on July 10th 1970 aged 81yrs (born 1888/1889), his wife Mary Ellen Smiddy (nee Cashman) died on Aug. 19th 1982 aged 81yrs. (born 1901/1902) their infant son Maurice Vincent who died on Jan. 16th 1933.
Erected by Richard Smiddy in loving memory of his son Daniel Smiddy who died on Aug. 28th 1844 aged 32yrs (born 1811/1812).
Erected by Julia Smiddy in loving memory of her father Richard Smiddy who died on Oct. 20th 1848 aged 76 yrs. (born 1771/1772), his wife Mary who died July 7th 1854 aged 65yrs.(born 1788/1789), Daniel Smiddy who died on Sept. 28th 1844 aged 32yrs. (born 1811/1812), Maurice Smiddy who died on Aug. 24th 1854 aged 45yrs. (born 1808/1809).
Erected in memory of Maurice Smiddy of Banefield who died on March 1st 1824 aged 52yrs (born 1771/1772).
Erected by John Shea in loving memory of his mother Ellen Smiddy who died on Jan. 25th 1825 ? aged 65 ? (born ? 1759/1760).
Here lies the body of Maurice Smiddick who died on Feb. 24th 1810 aged 90yrs. (born 1719/1720). Gaul John - written on bottom of gravestone.


4 - Cross: Erected by Rev. Richard Canon SMIDDY P.P. Aghada in memory of his mother Hanora/Honora wife of Pierce/Pierse SMIDDY of Ballymakeigh/Ballymakey who died July 12th 1875 aged 91 years

Also of his brothers, John died March 25th 1851, aged 38 years, Michael died March 8th 1857 aged 37 yrs, Lawrence died January 22nd 1847 aged 20 years, and Pierce/Pierse died December 5th 1854/1857aged 25 years.
9 - By Mary SMIDDY alias Mahony of Ballynatting in memory of her husband Richard Smiddy whose death was mournfully lamented on the 14th March 1832, aged 33 years. 
10 - Erected in memory of Pierce Smiddy of Ballymakiemore whose death was mournfully lamented on 15th October 1827, aged 46 years. 
11 - Cross - Erected by Richard Smiddy in memory of his beloved wife Mary Bride who departed this life January 9th 1816 aged 60 years. Also here Lyeth the above named Richard Smiddy who departed this life January 8th 1832, aged 84 years.
197 - Erected by Thomas Smiddy, Garrymore in memory of his mother Fanny Smiddy nee Mahony who died January 28th 1896, aged 49 years.
256 - Erected by John Bride in memory of his wife Hanora Smiddy who died March 1st or 11th 1810, aged 50 or 70 years.

The graveyard at Killeagh, County Cork, lies close beside the Killeagh Railway Station on the Cork and Youghal line. The Protestant church of Killeagh, a plain but neat structure, stands on the north side of this graveyard, which is somewhat better kept than some of the neighbouring ones. Owing to the rather large number of headstones and table tombs, it presents a more symmetrical and finished aspect than id usual in County Cork rural churchyards, and the inscriptions on many of the older headstones are still quite legible.

The Hill Cemetery, Ballymacoda, Youghal, Co. Cork.

In memory of My Brother Richard AHERN Died Feb. 1942 aged 21yrs, Parents William & Johanna (nee SMIDDY) Died Jan 1945 & Feb. 1965. R.I.P. Erected by the Family.

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